Tortured For Christ (movie review)

Richard Wurmbrand movie “Tortured for Christ” review

Questions That Matter

[by Alex Pascal]


The 2018 film ‘Tortured for Christ’ is based on the true story of Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian minister who was imprisoned and tortured under the Ceausescu regime for many years due to his preaching the gospel.

The film is beautifully shot, well-acted, and both heartbreaking and moving. Supposedly, the film is two hours long. However, according to my calculation, the actual running time is just over an hour. I specifically remember looking at my phone after I realized that the film was winding down and being surprised that I had only been in the theater for about an hour. There is an additional modern worship scene at the end that tacks on a few minutes, but it seemed greatly out of place to me.

Overall, the film felt…unfinished. There are many things that could have been added on to fully flesh out Wurmbrand’s amazing story and…

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